Hello worlds! Welcome to Spirit Matters …

Join us on this adventure of exploration of spiritual paths and activities in virtual worlds (primarily Second Life at this point in time).  Each post will highlight spiritual groups and activities in virtual worlds, or they may address spiritual topics in general.  We may also occasionally diverge into other related areas of interest such as astrology, divination, etc.  Many of the posts will be written by me, ConnieJean Maven (in Second Life), with the help of other authors and guest bloggers.

A little bit about me.  In my first life I am a writer/editor/poet, a Reiki master teacher with training in chakra therapy, reflexology, spiritual surgery, matrix healing, hypno-meditation, and light body reconnection.  My activities in Second Life include individual and group healing, teaching, and leading of guided meditations.  I work in conjunction with a healing partner, WiseOwl Blessed, who has been a lifelong follower of the Wiccan and Druidic paths.  Together we operate United Healers of Second Life, working in conjunction with many other spiritual groups within Second Life, including Ancient Oak Fellowship and Shamballa.

Please bear with us as we build this site to make it informative, comprehensive, and user friendly.  In the days to come we will be adding a Google calendar plug in and many other features.


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