Day of the Dead Spiritual Tradition is Celebrated in Second Life

Say the word “Halloween” to most people and it conjures up images of kiddies in cute costumes begging for chocolate at your door. But if you use other words for the holiday, different, more spiritual, images are elicited — and most are celebrated in some way by the Second Life community.

The Day of the Dead, celebrated in Mexico and Central America, is a celebration of life, where singing, merry making and feasting reside side by side with prayer. The Day of the Dead is not a scary celebration nor is it intended to be one. This celebration is based on the belief that the souls of the departed can return to visit the living once a year. It is believed that the souls of the children return the first of November and the souls of the adults on the 2nd. In some cases the actual tombs are visited, but in others the tombs are not visited. Instead elaborate altars and offerings are set up in yards and family homes. These altars are adorned with elaborately designed cut paper, candy skulls, candles and incense are created at home. The offerings usually consist of food, especially loaves of bread of various types and sizes, a pack of cigars, a bottle of tequila – or all of these, whatever the departed liked.

In Second Life, the artist Elicio Ember is once again offering an extravaganza of art, culture, and tradition at his annual Day of the Dead display and celebration. Elicio is noted for his amazing buildings, spectacular avatars, beautiful jewelry and so much more. Each of Elicio’s designs is filled with symbolism and displays amazing artistry. His Day of the Dead celebration is a pleasure to the senses and a lesson in the spiritual culture of these societies. For a true feel of the celebration of this 3,000 year old tradition, talk a walk through history among the tombs, offerings, and candy skulls at Day of the Dead at Cerridwen’s Cauldron in Second Life. Pictures below are from this amazing display and truly represent the spiritual foundation of a holiday tradition.

Elicio Ember's Day of the Dead Celebration

Day of the Dead Altars

Day of the Dead Altar Offerings


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  1. Elicio Ember
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 08:58:59

    My deepest thanks Connie =)


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