Love … forgive … and live your life … every day.

After reading my last post, a friend sent me a message of appreciation for what I had written. Then he asked the next logical questions: “What if they are right and the world really is going to end? What are we to do?”

There are lots of possible answers.

Some may think we are to do whatever we please with the thought that there will be no consequences because there will be no world, at least as we know it. The Wiccan rede has always said “Do what ye will an ye harm none.” So that might be a caveat to add to the do whatever you please concept.

Others believing in this particular end-times scenario (or any other of the many that crop up every so often) is to fulfill every material fantasy. No problem maxing credit cards, spending life savings and mortgaging the house to the hilt – it’s all going to end anyway so no payback.

Lots of answers are possible – as many answers as there are people asking the question. I don’t pretend to know which is the right answer or if there really is a right answer. I can only relate what my right answer is and hope it will resonate for some readers.

My answer comes in two parts. Part 1 is to love … love everyone we encounter to the best of our ability, without expectation of reciprocity, without expectation of … anything.

The second part is needed to make the first part possible. Part 2 is forgive. Forgive everyone and everything as much as I am able. The degree to which I am able to truly love is inextricably linked to the degree to which I am able to love.

Now, I have a confession to make. This answer has nothing to do with the latest doomsday speculations. This answer has everything to do with my own personal experience with the fact that any day could be the last day for any of us. In fact, every day is the last day of life as we know it for some of the people in our world. There is no day known to man on which no one passes from life as we know it into whatever comes next.

My story: In 2003 I was engaged to marry the man of my dreams – a single person who truly was all the world to me. One day, some 3 weeks before the scheduled marriage, I left for work as usual and he saw me off with a kiss and words of love, as usual. It was my proof that perfection is possible. And 5 hours later I had positive proof of how quickly life as we know it can end as the love of my life had dropped dead, the victim of a heart attack. People around us were almost as stunned and devastated as I was. All anyone could say was how sorry they were and to ask what they could do for me. There was nothing anyone could do, but everyone seemed to need some answer from me.

This was my answer: “Go to the people in your life and tell them how much you love them. Forgive anything and everything. Never miss an opportunity to express your love to anyone and everyone around you.”

This is my answer for whenever mass or personal “doomsdays” arrive. Forgive anything and everything as much as you are able. Love everyone and everything as much as you can. That is as unconditional, as perfect as anyone can hope for.


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