Healers of the world unite … literally

Every so often — well quite often, actually — I hear someone talk about virtual worlds like Second Life as pretend worlds populated by cartoon characters, a world in which nothing is real. To be honest, this is partly true. In a very literal sense Second Life is a pretend world and the avatars we see on the screen do look very much like cartoon characters. But that is only the visual reality of this world. Behind every avatar is a real, live, thinking, feeling person … and those people have needs.

I am honored to be the leader of a group called “United Healers of Second Life.” Last Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of our guided healing meditation, which is designed to heal the participants themselves and others known to be in need of healing, in addition to our planet Earth and all of its inhabitants. We do this meditation at 7 a.m. Pacific time every Saturday, which means it is is either very early in the morning for some participants or that it cuts into the middle of a busy weekend day for others. Some of the participants present at our second anniversary meditation were there at the very first meditation I led in January of 2010 — a remarkable feat by any standard.

United Healers of SL Healing Circle

But the humanity and dedication of these people goes far beyond regularly attendance at my meditation and many of the other spiritual events that happen daily in Second Life. Here is an example of that dedication and humanity. Just after 5:00 p.m. (PST) last night I was contacted by a friend in serious distress because his biological sister had been diagnosed with a severe illness and was facing emergency surgery. Needless to say, the entire family was frightened and upset. He came to me for help in my capacity as a reiki master teacher and as leader of a dedicated group of healers. He spent a few minutes describing the illness and prognosis to me. At about 5:15 p.m. (PST) I put out a call for an emergency healing. Within 10 minutes we had 27 people sitting around us, and a monk from Thailand chanting a traditional Metta healing in voice for us. We sat together for about 40 minutes, sending love and healing to this family in need. Only the universe knows what the highest good for this woman might be. However, regardless of the outcome, she and her family will know that they are loved and supported … so much so that 27 strangers gathered together at very short notice to send healing and peace to them.

Very impressive behavior for what some see as cartoon characters playing games in a pretend world. If that is “pretend” behavior, I will take it over so called “reality” any day of the week.


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