May 5-6 Full Moon in Scorpio

This is a brief introduction and invocation for this full moon in Scorpio:

Moon of enlightenment, the birth of the Buddha
Shine down upon us
Illuminate the truth for us
Surround us with light that we may go within
To ask and answer the questions closest to our heart
As you shine upon us from a place closest to our Earth
Give us the courage to see and accept truths we already know
Each of us is a gift, a vital part of the circle of life.
We are not spare parts, none can replace us.

I know, you know, we know,
the most important truths about ourselves.
Who I am
What my purpose is
What empowers me
The truest desires of my heart
The passions that burn within me
The way to achieving all that I seek

This full moon in Scorpio draws us to these questions
and lights our way to our own truths.

It celebrates the birth and enlightenment of the Buddha
And will show us the way to personal enlightenment
as it celebrates his

Oh, and lest we forget,
This is the fae full moon
That follows Beltane
The gate between the fae and the mortal worlds still swings freely.
Shhhh now.
Listen carefully and you may hear the whisper of wings
or a sparkling gilded giggle.
You may feel fairie fingers brush your cheek
Or the breath of the fae upon your brow.
Magick surrounds us. We are magick.
May the magick of this full moon fill your heart and light your way to the truth.

Copyright 2012 ConnieJean Maven (and the person writing under this pen name).


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