Midsummer and New Moon

This midsummer we are joined in a celebration of life
Things come to fruition in their own time
Seeds sown at Beltane have taken root and sprouted
Intentions set then may be coming to fruition in the warmth of the summer sun
The sun the moon, the earth are round
Life moves in circles of days, seasons, years, ages
We honor life by casting a circle within our hearts
A circle that creates a space for celebration of the Divine
And separates us from the mundane cares and concerns of our lives.

We come together to celebrate the power of Grandfather Sun, the newness of Grandmother moon
We ask the goddess Psyche and the god Apollo
to join us as we celebrate both sun and moon as they ride across the sky
In the never ending rhythm of life.
The natural and divine powers of the east, south, west and north – air, fire, water, and earth
Join us in our dance of celebration
As we celebrate the cycles, the endless connectedness of all things, all beings, all life

This is the new moon of the deep psyche
And Psyche is the goddess of the soul, while Apollo is the sun god whose chariot pulls the sun across the sky
Follow Psyche into your soul to find the truest dreams of your heart
Throw those dreams to the universe
And let Apollo carry you and your dreams across the sky
Come dance in celebration of dreams come true
Those which have already come true
Those coming true with each moment we live
And those yet to manifest in our lives.

And now dance with us, with the fairies and the elves who abound in the world on this midsummer
night this most magickal night of the year.
Come hear the music of your soul … and dance.

Copyright 2012 ConnieJean Maven (and the person writing under this pen name)


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