The Chains That Bind

We rail and strain against the chains that bind us
But the chains are bonds of our own making
We forge a new link every time we are intolerant of others
We make the chains stronger when we fail to love our brothers
We make the chains longer every time we choose convenience over truth
We harden the steel of the links with every harsh word and every lie
We tighten the chains around our hearts with every injustice, every act of aggression
These chains were easily and thoughtlessly made but with a little thought can be easily broken.

You see no man can enslave a soul that refuses to be enslaved
No system can chain a spirit that insists on soaring
No rules can bind a heart that refuses to be bound
The keys to breaking the chains that bind us are ours from birth, we have only to choose to use them.

What are the keys?

Sense of self
Respect for others

Search your heart for the keys, find them – use them – set yourself free of the chains that bind.

Copyright 2012 ConnieJean Maven (and the person writing under this pen name)


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