This poem is posted in behalf of LunaLinda Branwen, who adds this introduction: “my poem for times of change… and today, for Essell, which I have come to love so much and so very well.”

It has always been my nature
to retreat into reflection
in times of change,
and moving on.

It has always been my nature
to do things: “one last time”
to visit places I will miss
to say goodbye and even wave.

It has always been my nature
when seasons pass and time goes by
to feel a wistfulness and whimsy
for what’s to come and what’s to go.

It has always been my nature
to let go slowly, to take it easy
and move back gently
and take steps—one by one.

It has always been my nature
to take my time with change,
and know I’ll get there
slow but sure.
So, I write here in this place of endings,
one last time.

Editor’s Note: United Healers of Second Life has been working at their location on Essell Center in Second Life for some time. But this has changed, as all things must and we have built a new location to serve our changing and increasing needs. This poem is provided on the occasion of the ending of one location and the beginning of the next.


New Moon Prayer August 2012

Blood courses through our veins
Beats within our hearts
In time with the rhythm of the earth
In time with the rhythm of the ethereal spheres
In time with the music that singes through the heavens

We dance under the new moon
Connected to your heart
Connected to the hearts of others
Connected to the heart of the earth …. of the Universe

Now is the time to feel, to experience
We cannot think our way through the maze of life
We must feel our way through it
Allowing our hearts to lead us forward

The light shines around each of us
We glow with the loving energies of the Universe
We glow with the loving energies of our own hearts

We stand in the spotlight of the Leo new moon
Now it is time to celebrate
To dance to the rhythms of the Universe
Without counting the bat
Close your eyes
Throw your head back and howl at the silver sliver high above
And dance…

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