Beltane – May Day – May 1

In ancient traditions, Beltane is the time when handfastings (weddings of a sort) took place. When a couple was handfasted the marriage was for a year and a day. If at the end of that time they wished to continue the marriage became permanent. If, however, they did not conceive a child (in some traditions) or simply found they no longer wished to continue, the marriage was effectively annulled and each went on.

Beltane is a time for honoring fertility and I offer you this invocation for Beltane in celebration of this time of the year.

A Beltane Invocation:

Beltane is the traditional time of joining, of honoring fertility
We honor fertility of the earth, of the spirit, of the body, of the soul, and of heart, and of the mind.
The 13 colors of the handfasting ribbons tell us all we need to know about Beltane
As in life some colors or events are vivid and exciting
Red for passion, strength, lust, and fertility
Orange symbolizes encouragement, attraction, kindness, and plenty
Yellow is the color of charm, confidence, joy, and balance
Green denotes fertility, charity, prosperity, and health
In blue we see tranquility, patience, devotion, and sincerity
Purple stands for power, piety, sanctity, and sentimentality
Pink is for unity, honor, truth, romance, and happiness
Still others are deemed more precious and valuable
Gold for energy, wealth, intelligence, and longevity
Silver symbolizing treasure, values, creativity, and inspiration
And still others seem to be mundane and dull, perhaps even boring
Black for strength, wisdom, vision, and success
White symbolizes purity, concentration, meditation, and peace
Gray is about neutrality, canceling, and balance,
While Brown gives us the earth, our home and all this means to us
For success in a joining, in a life, in a celebration we must have a balance of all
We must learn to value all for each plays a part in our living, in our growing
I give you the colors of Beltane,
I give you the joy, the color, the harmony … the fertility … of Beltane
May it give you all you need to be fertile in all areas of your life.

Copyright 2012 ConnieJean Maven (and the person writing under this pen name)


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